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Lingerie Trousseau

Bridal Bustier from Lingerie Diva
In honor of Valentines Day I thought that I would start a series on lingerie. I get questions all the time when it comes to boudoir shoots and thought I might shine some light on the subject. BUT before getting to the really helpful part I wanted to share something interesting that I came across while researching.

I love perusing vintage books and came across this book from the 1950's, Wedding Etiquette Complete by Marguerite Bentley. She talks about 'lingerie trousseau' (pronounced troo • so) which is bridal lingerie for the wedding night and honeymoon. Traditionally, a trousseau was collected in anticipation of her marriage and kept in her hope chest. It included bridal accessories, jewelry, lingerie, clothing for the honeymoon, linens, and toiletries. Some included family heirlooms and handmade items crafted by the bride-to-be or her female relatives.

Today, most women do not prepare such an elaborate trousseau although the idea of a trousseau is making a comeback. Many brides these days do compile a collection of wedding and honeymoon lingerie. These pieces are sometimes purchased by the bride, but often are given as gifts at a bridal shower.

Here is a modern checklist for a bridal lingerie trousseau (from Lace Silhouettes Lingerie):
1920's Silk Robe from

Wedding Day Lingerie and Accessories
  • Corset/Bustier or Longline Bra
  • Shapewear
  • Garter (one to keep and one to throw)
  • Panties (lace thong in a nude color is safe)

Wedding Night Lingerie
  • Modern short peignoir (gown and robe)
  • Choose something that you feel sexy, beautiful and comfortable in 

 Bridal Loungewear
  • Robe or jog set for hair and makeup on wedding day
  • “Bride” top or tank for honeymoon
  • “Bride” swimsuit cover

Honeymoon Lingerie
  • Sexy chemise or babydoll with matching panty
  • Camisole and bottom set
  • Bra and panty set
  • Dressing gown or robe

  • Bridal handkerchief
  • Marabou shoes
  • Wedding Day Emergency Kit
  • Do Not Disturb door hanger

Marabou shoes by Fredrick's of Hollywood

What's your style? Here are a few resources:

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